India has entered into the third stage; number of cases continues to rise | The Background

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

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India has entered into the third stage; number of cases continues to rise

The Background:

Across the world, the death toll due to COVID-19 continues to rise steadily.

The number of dead is now 26,819. Total confirmed case 585,040. Total recovered stands at 129,812.

In India, confirmed case has risen sharply- 877.

Number of dead is 19. In West Bengal, number of cases has reached 15. A family of five in Tehatta, Nadia has tested positive. There is a 9 month old baby and a boy aged 6 among these five.

The Union Health Ministry has ordered 10,000 ventilators.

An Update from Kerala.

But the pandemic is rapidly expanding its footprint in India as it entered stage three now. Stage three is the community transmission. The lockdown was meant to break the chain of transmission.

The next ten days are crucial for India. Everyone is anxiously waiting. Once the community transmission starts, an outbreak will spread fast in clusters and the original source will be difficult to trace.  Everyone should be responsible and stay inside their house. That is the only option left.

But the poor and vulnerable would be badly hit. Central and state governments have to work at war-footing. The Centre has already unveiled a Rs 1.70 trillion economic package involving free food grain and cooking gas to poor for the next three months, many state governments have announced free ration and cash transfer schemes.

But it seems to be too late. India needs to be secured from COVID-19, starvation and panic.

Video clip from Ghazipur near Delhi-UP border in India. This is a grim as well as devastating sight. But this is a common sight in the country these days.



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