Providing relief materials; vital role played by Al-Jabr | The Background

Saturday, October 16, 2021

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Providing relief materials; vital role played by Al-Jabr

The Background:

As the world goes through an unprecedented crisis due to COVID-19, countries cutting across regions are trying hard to cope with the situation. Beside the government initiatives, many organisations have come forward to play a vital role at this critical juncture.

In West Bengal, there are numerous organisations working tirelessly to distribute relief materials to the needy and poor. Al-Jabr Alumni Association and Al-Jabr Academy are among these organisations.

Founded by Prof Md Rabiul Islam, these two organisations are doing commendable work. Prof Islam, himself, teaches at St Xavier’s College, Kolkata. Over the years, he has been instrumental in producing great many students, who are now engaged in research oriented works in many countries throughout the world. There are plenty of professors and teachers too. They are all part of these organisations.

Although, academic in nature, it has started Al-Jabr COVID-19 relief fund. All the members have contributed in it and the fund is being utilised to provide relief materials to the marginalised people especially among Adivasi and backward communities.

  Relief materials being distributed by Al-Jabr

Food packet distribution, cooked food through community kitchen and supplying essential medicines are all part of these relief materials.

Fifty Adivasi families from Bairampur Gram Panchayet of North 24 Parganas district are provided food regularly. Al-Jabr is also providing food packets to the traditional Patachitra artists in Pingla of West Medinipur. There are about 133 families.

Meanwhile, Al-Jabr is also collaborating with Naihati Institute of Science and Culture (NISC) and Pavlov Institute in the relief work.



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