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Saturday, October 24, 2020

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“The World to Come”- Excerpts

(Excerpts from The World to Come”, released in 1944)

Periyar EV Ramasamy Naicker

” Why are we born? Why should any one struggle for food, when we have a world rich in all resources? Why should people die? These questions were once staggering the human mind. But today it is not so. Many things are exposed correctly in the rational way nowadays. This trend will one day, not only reform the society but also revolutionalise it.  A time will come, when there will be no money in the form of coin. No political governance will ensure. No one need to strive hard. There will be no job that will be deemed mean. There may not be a government vested with full power as we have now. There will be no slavery at all. There will be no need to depend on others for sustenance. Women will not require special protection, safeguards and support.

In the world to come, it will be enough for a man to work for merely one or two hours a day to lead a happy life as that of Mahatmas, Zamindars, religious heads as Matathipathis and the Brahmins. Labour for merely two hours would be quite sufficient to enjoy all the pleasures of life. Even as an individual complains of pain in the leg, ear, nose, stomach, bone and so on, in the new world to come, the difficulties and drawbacks of any single individual would not be tolerated by the society. Such a society based on co-operation and unity would be in the world shaped to come.

There will be no end or limitation to the wonderful advancement. There will be work for all the people and particularly to the intelligent, thinking progressive members of the society.That sort of work will not be for earning wages. It will be more for recreation to the mind. Every one will be busy. No one will work with a profit motive.

No one need to steal anything in the new world. Those who reside on the banks of River Ganges, need not steal the water of Ganges! They will take only as much as they actually require. They will not keep the water secretly for use in the future. When one has plenty of what he needs he will never think of stealing. Similarly there will be no need to utter lies and falsehoods, because there can be no gain. Drinks will not harm anyone. There will be no need to think of murder. Gambling and betting may be for a time pass and no one will be financially ruined by them.

There will be no prostitution for cash or for kind. In a self-respecting society no one can dominate the other. No one would yield to the other for any favour. The society will have very advanced views on sex and life. Only by the knitting of the hearts there can be lovely life. Moreover people will have clear and advanced views. They will mind their health. Everyone would have self-respect. Both males and females will deem it unwanted and unconnected to seek love by force. There will be no subordination of women. Males will not dominate. There will be no need to use force. As such there will be no prostitution.

Whatever the evils were created by man, they would be tackled in a deft manner to make a better society. Today the blind faith in the old customs, rituals etc., has made them unthinking and irrational. They have put a hurdle in the progress of the world. It is quite natural that the vested interests who have much to gain by these old senseless things, are opposed to the creation of a new world of happiness, peace, progress and plenty. Yet it is those who boldly combat the ignorance of the people and the selfish interests of the vested interests who would be able to carve out a new world.”

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