The emergence of Bengal subaltern resistance: Who is afraid of it? | The Background

Saturday, October 16, 2021

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The emergence of Bengal subaltern resistance: Who is afraid of it?

Najib Anwar

The mainstream media and for that matter the middle class jargon will never understand the narrative of subaltern resistance. The middle class speaks of a language which borders on sophistry and can be dubbed as a bhadroloker bhasa (the language of a gentleman). In facebook and elsewhere on the social media platforms, Abbas Siddiqui has been depicted merely as an artless ruffian.  Many in the social media detest his unsophisticated languages.

Of late, Abbas has risen to a rank where his socio-political narrative, unsophisticated it might be, is rooted in the Dalit-Adivasi-Muslim narrative. It is a significant departure from the so-called urban suave narrative.

As one of the religious head of Furfura Sharif, a large pilgrimage centre in India, Abbas wields considerable sway among common people in several districts of South Bengal. Furfura has numerous followers from Bengal, Assam and neighbouring Bangladesh.

For some time now, Abbas had started talking about the exclusion of Dalit-Adivasi-Muslim from the structural, cultural and political narrative of the mainstream. This narrative is driven by the so called “Brahmanical traps”.

It is significant to note that the mainstream political parties, Trinamool Congress-BJP-Left/Congress, are wary on this assertive voice of protest. Although CPM or Congress has protested against the murderous assault on Abbas and his entourage in Kanzdia village, Bhangore, South 24 Parganas by Shaukat Molla and his cohorts, the radicalism of Abbas has shook them to the core.

Malcolm X once said, “You can’t ever reach a man if you don’t speak his language… Once you know his language, learn how to speak his language. He’ll get the point, there will be some dialogue, some communication, and some understanding will be developed.” Abbas has made this all important task and by the way he has also used the name of Furfura Sharif to a large extent in this endevour. He has been able to make reach a significant portions of the grassroots, it seems.

Shaukat Molla is a member of the West Bengal Legislative Assembly from the ruling Trinamool Congress. He had been making derogatory and false allegation against Abbas for some time now, continuously threatening him and his companions in the Bhagore area. Without an iota of proof, he alleged, Abbas Siddiqui is linked to terrorist organisations like Jaish-e-Mohammad.

Here is an example of his telephonic conversation with Abbas Siddiqui given below. Listen to the abusive language he is using-

Last Sunday, lumpens allegedly close to Shaukat beat some of the companions of Abbas. Next day, when Abbas went there to visit those victims, two of his cars were vandalized and he along with his entourage faced a brutal attack, which could have killed them had not they took shelter in one of the victim’s house.

Shaukat Molla is just a pawn in the chessboard- a mere stooge of the so called “Brahmanical” political parties. Once upon a time, he hobnobbed with the CPM, when it was in power. Now he has switched allegiance to TMC and has become a concierge of that party.

Complaint letter to the District Magistrate, South 24 Parganas, demanding stringent action against Shaukat Molla.

Abbas, on the other hand, has become a victim of the structural “Brahmanical” bias. Our liberals and seculars will abide by this structure quite diligently. Anyone, belonging to Muslim community, donning skull cap and kurta-pajama with bearded face and fight for an issue which has nothing to do with religion, will be dismissed instantly as a ‘terrorist’, ‘extremist’, ‘ISI agent’ and what not! This is happening again and again.

The assertiveness of Abbas, radically speaking in favour of social justice, religious dignity and most importantly on the Constitutional rights has ruffled many feathers in the mainstream.  But, sometimes, the hood should be raised, which the so called liberals, seculars and our ‘sarkari’ Muslims cannot do for their vested interests.

Abbas Siddiqui has just done that.


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