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Monday, November 29, 2021

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Everything is Fine and Excellent; why bother about Eid Milad-Un-Nabi

Najib Anwar

Is there any difference between Yogi Raj and Mamata Raj or, say, between governments in Tripura and West Bengal? Hardly any. Uttar Pradesh and Tripura are run by BJP; West Bengal is run by Trinamool Congress. But Hindutva runs supreme- whether hard or soft, it is open for debate.

When you see the amount of atrocities these regimes hurl on the minority Muslims, Adivasis and Dalits, you will be astounded. In West Bengal, reports of lynching Muslims have made into news headlines, Suraf Hossain- a police- beaten along with his family by fellow police personnel. These personnel in uniform also hurled communal expletives. Last month, an imam in Coochbehar was attacked by some hooligans with bows and arrows. A bow pierced through his upper abdomen and  had to be rushed to hospital in serious condition. Consider the situation of Maidul Islam. A teacher and activist, he had been continuously harassed and heckled by the police because he had been vocal against the policies of the present regime.

But things have taken a serious turn. Holding religious congregation (jalsa) has come under threat now. The constitution of India recognizes how important religion is in the life of people of India and hence, provides for the right to freedom of religion under Articles 25 to Article 28. Article 25 guarantees freedom of religion to all persons in India. It provides that all persons in India, subject to public order, morality, health, and other provisions:

  • Are equally entitled to freedom of conscience, and
  • Have the right to freely profess, practice and propagate religion.

Pirzada Abbas Siddiqui of Furfura Sharif was prevented holding a jalsa on the occasion of Eid-e –Milad-un-Nabi in Bhangor, a place not far away from the city of Kolkata. It happened just few weeks earlier. On November 7, he was again supposed to address a religious gathering there. The police administration was duly told for permission. But the local Trinamool Congress party in cahoots with a section of police chased away the people who were coming to attend the programme. Police mercilessly beat them and used teargas. As Pirzada Abbas alleged, the police even uttered derogatory remarks on Islam.

Prior to this, for a week or so, the local TMC party led by Kaizar Ahmed was threatening the supporters of Ahle Sunnatul Jamat, run by Pirzada Siddiqui, not to hold the jalsa. On Saturday, they even ransacked the house of a supporter of the organisation. His rubber factory was also attacked and vandalised. The hoodlums looted money and threatened the family with dire consequences. A woman of the family, who was pregnant, was badly injured and had to be rushed to a hospital in Kolkata. The police watched these incidents as mum spectators. The nexus between politicians, goondas and police personnel was brazenly displayed.

Let’s be blunt. In the name of secularism, the Mamata Banerjee government is hoodwinking Muslims. Durga Mahotsav would be held with much fanfare, Diwali and Kali Puja would have a full blast; even, Chhaat Puja would go on without any hindrance. But if you want to celebrate the birthday of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), you will be chased away, thrashed. You will be turned into a second rate citizen.

Consider those spineless intellectuals. Early this year, they were up in arms to thwart the advancement of BJP. ‘Bring TMC back’- was the war cry. TMC came back with a thumping victory. Now, when Muslims along with Adivasis are farther marginalised, browbeaten, these intellectual tribes are meowing. They simply don’t care.

That Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) has already spread its fangs and it has spread it for a long time in West Bengal is no secret.  Whether BJP wrests power or TMC retains power; hardly matter to them. The agenda to decimate Muslims-Adivasis-Dalits must be carried on with gusto.

Tailpiece: A reputed journalist turned editor used to publish long piece of adulation for Kaizar Ahmed, that notorious mischief maker. Certainly, the all powerful money was behind it. He has to run his establishment, after all.

Hope that elongated flattery will continue unabated.




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