“Military dictatorship in Kashmir, Modi govt must be held accountable” | The Background

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

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“Military dictatorship in Kashmir, Modi govt must be held accountable”

The Background: With the abrogation of Article 370, the history of Kashmir has been erased. Speaking at a press conference in Kolkata the CPIML (Liberation) Politburo Member and Campaign Committee Member of AIPF, Kavita Krishnan said, young children and men are being illegally detained and tortured in large numbers. Krishnan had been a member of a fact finding team which visited the Kashmir Valley on 9th August. The other members of team were economist Jean Dreze, Maimoona Mollah of CPIM and Vimal Bhai of NAPM.

Krishnan alleged that in Kashmir there is no elected representation; no free press not even free speech. She also said that the continuous lockdown is a grave violation of the Constitution as well as international human rights conventions. “It violates the right to life and the right to dignity. It is crime against humanity,” she remarked.

She also expressed her concern on the attitude of the Supreme Court. Krishnan said, “The refusal of the Court to admit a petition challenging the unconstitutional nature of lockdown is of grave concern.”

Krishnan also came down heavily on the role of Indian media. Terming the role as ‘shameful’ she said that the bulk of the media is spreading hatred towards Kashmiris. The media is responsible for the rise of hate crimes against Kashmiri students throughout the country. A large section of media have chosen to accept rather than question the abrogation of Articles 370 and 35A. It has also chosen to criticise the lockdown mildly.

The diplomacy campaign of India on Kashmir has been severely criticised by Krishnan. The meeting of Indian Ambassador to the USA Harsh Shringla with far right racist and Islamophobic ideologue Steve Bannon indicates the growing connection between RSS brand of fascism, and international white supremacist, racist and Islamophobic networks, she commented.

Kavita Krishnan also expressed her concern on the massive humanitarian crisis unfolding in Assam. The 2 million people excluded from the NRC list are now at the mercy of the Foreign Tribunals which are more like khap panchayets. She alleged that the BJP government wants to extend similar exercise in other parts of the country including West Bengal. People should vehemently resist this, Krishnan commented.


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