In West Bengal, Police lynch Police violating human rights | The Background

Monday, November 29, 2021

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In West Bengal, Police lynch Police violating human rights

Editorial Collective

An innocuous knock at the door turns out to be a nightmare in the broad daylight.

On 6 August, 2021, around 10.15 in the morning there was a knock. The owner of the house, Suraph Hussain unbolted the door and saw a man, clad in a T shirt and a raincoat, standing in front. He wanted to know if this house belongs to Hussain Ali. When Suraph answered it in the negative, the man said, he is a Sub Inspector (S.I) of Sonarpur Police Station and his name is Somnath Das. There is a warrant in the name of Hussain Ali.

Suraph wanted to know more about it, which enraged Das who immediately started hurling abusive language about Suraph’s religious identity. Suraph protested. Das caught the vest of his and began dragging him out. Meanwhile, four police personnel appeared. The S.I tried to throttle Suraph. The police began assaulting him with batons. Suraph’s brothers, Jahangir Hussain and Anwar Hussain, tried hard to save him and they too were mercilessly beaten. Within ten minutes, more people joined the attackers. They were civilian dressed with chappals in their feet. They began to assault everyone who came in their way. They even did not spare the women of the house. Tania Parvin, the victim’s wife was also beaten when she tried to protect her husband. She was pregnant and started bleeding following the commotion. Suraph ran inside the house to save him. He was completely naked, as his lungi was torn apart. But he was caught again and pulled out of the house; this time his hand and feet were tied with a thick rope. Jahangir lost consciousness for a while at that time. There was also a lady sub inspector in the team, Priya Sen, who was particularly abusive according to Tania. She did not pay any heed to Tania’s pleading. They confiscated the mobiles and also took away some jewelry.

To cut the long story short, the police personnel unleashed mayhem. They took Suraph inside a prison van. Inside the van, they again beat him. His fingers were thrashed. The police took Tania in a separate vehicle and Jahangir and Anwar in another vehicle. The victims were taken to a health centre and were given minimum first aid. Afterwards, they were brought to the police station. Within couple of hours, they were produced to the court. Meanwhile, Tania has suffered a miscarriage a week later after this horrific incident happened.

Protest on the street against the Police atrocities.

It is a matter of grave concern. The law and order situation in West Bengal is reaching its nadir. The above incident is only a pointer to that. Police beat a fellow police hurling communal innuendos. But we have not seen any reportage about this inhuman incident in the media. Raw footage, which was shocking to say the least, circulated in the social platforms for a while but the mainstream media, by and large, stayed away from covering the incident. Most of the political outfits too were busy with other activities. However, Indian Secular Front (ISF) condemned it and the chairperson of the party Nawsad Siddiqui expressed his concern on the increasing attacks on Dalit, Adivasis and Muslims in West Bengal. He said it was shocking to see a police personnel being humiliated and abused in such a gruesome manner. It is a gross violation of his constitutional rights. What is the state government doing? Where is the law? He asked.

The civil society here is up in arms against the Taliban comeback in Afghanistan, but they are reluctant to hit the road when this type of abominable incident takes place next door.

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